Hepworth Dress by Sinbad & Sailor for Indie Pattern Month – Dress Contest

Link to my Flick Album of pictures: https://www.flickr.com/gp/bluegirl437/v055i3

The Details:
• Indie Pattern(s) used: Hepworth Dress by Sinbad and Sailor in size 16. https://indiesew.com/products/sinbad-and-sailor-hepworth-dress#product
Fabric & Notions: Invisible zipper, Royal blue cotton blend fabric with spandex (for a bit of stretch), Aqua ribbon for embellishment (5/8” and 2”), 5/8” fusible web, and coordinating thread.
• Did you make any pattern alterations or design changes? I made no alterations to the dress, but I did add a few embellishments.

Dress 1Side / Front View

Dress 4Back

Sewing this dress was quite easy and enjoyable. The directions were clear and concise with easy to follow pictures. I was really surprised with the end result. I did not expect it to fit so well. This dress is also comfortable and with pockets! Pockets! Oh, how you come in handy at all times!

DSC07898 - Copy copy Front

So one of the reasons I made this was because I’ve just lost about 45 pounds with more weight to go. I usually make dresses for the little girls of my friends and family. (My husband and I just have cats.) So this dress was a nice change for me. I think it’s been about a decade since I last created a dress for me.

The embellishments that I put on the dress consist of aqua ribbon in 5/8” and 2” widths. I used the 5/8” ribbon to create a wave pattern on the front and used a wavy stitch to adhere the ribbon.

Wave Detail Wave Detail

Additionally, I added ribbon embellishment around the neckline. I folded over the 2” ribbon and sewed it to the neckline. Then I gathered 2” ribbon and stitched it behind the neckline, and to finish it off, I used fusible bonding to add another layer of 5/8” ribbon to the front. In the center of the neckline, I added a rosette made from the 5/8” ribbon, gathered and wrapped around.

Collar Collar Detail

Rosette Rosette

Next time I sew this dress, I think I may stick with the simple dress and maybe a small bow at the collar. This silhouette from the pattern is so versatile. I’m glad I got this pattern because I definitely will be making more of these! It’s literally so easy and looks great! Thank you!


Link to my Flick Album of pictures: https://www.flickr.com/gp/bluegirl437/v055i3


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